Correct-Eye Scope
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2122   Correct-Eye Scope

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Designed for in-office vision testing and vision therapy, the versatile Correct Eye Scope rapidly isolates many perception problems and is well-suited for the treatment of double vision (diplopia), farsightedness (hyperphoria) and problems with both eyes working together (fusion, accommodation and suppression).

  • Accommodates opaque materials and transparencies

  • Includes built-in, back-lighted transparency screen and calibrated scale for making direct prism computations at various accommodation levels

  • Ground magnifying lenses provide full binocular vision, and the optical centers of the lenses separated 85 mm for adequate base-out simulation and to accommodate patients with narrow PD.

  • A virtually flat viewing head emulates peripheral vision during training, and the shaft is calibrated for precise head adjustment. A specially-designed base mount allows extensive adjusting for patient comfort.

  • LED lamps, 110/220 Volt Transformer.

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